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Verified Water Treatment Services in Houston

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Benefits of a Whole House Water System

  • Eliminate hardness, eliminating calcification of shower heads / faucets

  • Appliances will last longer - Water Heaters / Dishwasher

  • The environment, your pets and plants will thank you!

  • Reduce contaminants/particulates in your water

  • Minimize bottled water usage

  • Food and drinks taste better

  • Minimize Chlorine

  • Healthier skin

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Why Choose Pure Water Supply

Water is the universal solvent. This means it absorbs a little of almost everything it makes contact with. Unfortunately, this results in several issues that can be detrimental to your home and your health.

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    Toxin-Free Home

    Rest easy knowing your family has access to the cleanest water in Houston. Our filters are certified by state and federal standards, to ensure your safety.

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    Affordable Up Keep

    Low-cost annual maintenance plans can be set up.

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    Top-Notch Materials

    All of our products are made in the USA. We use only quality materials that in the end, outlast many competitor products. Longer lasting products mean less cost to you.

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    Expert Support

    Our trained technicians are always handling the latest technology, staying on top of industry trends and updates. We have years of experience in customizing, installing and maintaining water treatment systems.

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    $$$ in Savings

    Get rid of all of those plastic bottles! Go straight to the source, resulting in a direct savings to your bank account. The environment will love you too!

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    We Are Local!

    You will love our team of service technicians and see why we have consistent, happy referrals from thousands of other Texans, like you.

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    Honest Work

    A solid reputation is more important than a quick sale and we take pride in our local community and surrounding counties. Our genuine, sincere and honest approach will make your day.

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    Guaranteed Quality

    We stand by our work, products and installations, guaranteed. Years of professional experience and trust in the community, will leave you impressed or we will make it right.